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Are you sure of the security of your business?

Secure your business from scammers is a top priority for an experienced manager. Technical progress allows to monitor you today, being far enough. How, then, confidential information can be kept confidential?

Detective services are intended specifically for such situations. We will check the room and car for bugs and video cameras, as well as devices transmitting the location. We will conduct qualitatively any investigations. And if necessary, learn all about your business partner!

Office terrorism
IT extortionists
A large company, tried to find out the cause of server failure, blocking of internal systems, frequent viruses and incomprehensible letters. When the company's server was completely blocked, no one could understand what happened, because the company's work was monitored by its own IT department. Having received a letter with demands to pay a considerable amount of money, the owner called to the Sheriff detectives, and during the investigation it turned out that the cause was the employee of the IT department of the company, who demanded money.
Major thefts
Accountant is a thief
The most common cases are the theft of large amounts by company employees. Sheriff detectives needed to find out where the money disappeared, and who committed this criminal act. We have found an accountant who had stolen money and returned it after the investigation. Having checked her past - we also learned that several criminal cases were already brought against her for the same crimes. After such a case, the owner urgently wanted to check all the staff, and in the future to check the applicants before taking them to work.
Spyware competitors
Information leak
If you have been doing business for a long time, you can be sure that definitely you have spy workers of competitors among your company employees. One such case was uncovered by Sheriff detectives in a large Ukrainian company with foreign investments, where a spy worker from a competing organization collected information that could significantly undermine the reputation, he also managed to steal confidential and commercial data for transfer to supervisory authorities. In addition, he was caught at the hot, during the unloading of the customer database.

• Search of people and property
• Search for stolen cars
• Collecting and verification of information
• Private investigations and surveillance
• Business and competitive information on a business partner
• Countering industrial espionage
• Corporate, insurance and financial investigations
• Business partner testing
• Company IT security testing
• Carrying out of psychological testing
• Checking on polygraph (past)
• Checking on the latest MIDOT technology (future)
• Checking the availability of assets
• Information on lifestyle
• Counter-monitoring
• Checking the premises and vehicles for the availability of special equipment
• Checking the property before buying

* all actions and information are collected under the current legislation
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I never thought I would use such services. After the work of the detectives, I became aware of how much my partner was stealing from our business, and also I was running my business in parallel! Now it's easier, I'll check all the partners and counterparties from the Sheriff! Thank you.
The owner of large business
Very satisfied with the services of detectives Sheriff Holding. The guys conducted a qualitative investigation and I avoided big financial losses. It turned out that the server of the company was blocked by our employee, who began to extort money. But this crime was solved thanks to the Sheriff! Thank you!
CEO of Agroholding
After some reasons, that I would not like to point out, now I'm checking with the Sheriff detectives all applicants to be sure of further joint work in the Company. Thanks for the help and formation of a reliable team!
The owner of the IT Company
Thanks to the guys from Sheriff for their help in uncovering the crime of stealing a large amount of money in the company. It turned out that it was my accountant. Now we check all the staff! Thank you!
CEO of a large company supplying medical equipment
Hello, how much do your detective services cost?
There cannot be a price for such services, because they are very specific and depend on the situation. Each moment is negotiated to trifles and then the cost of the service of our detectives is formed. There can be very different moments in such situations. The minimum cost of detective work is from 100$ for an hour.
Do you work only in Kiev?
No! We work both in Ukraine and in the nearest countries to Ukraine. Also, we have the opportunity to close many issues in Europe and America.
Who has access to your information?
All the information we own and negotiate with customers is completely confidential!
Do you guarantee the quality of services?
The guarantee of our services is feedback from our customers.
What is the procedure for providing your services?
First, we specify the problem, analyze it and sign the contract. Further we draw up a detailed plan and take appropriate measures to eliminate the problem.
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