In modern realities, business is constantly under threat. The company becomes more often vulnerable to internal factors, such as: unscrupulous personnel, security gaps in the company, an attempt to seize business by its partner. If you are faced with one of these problems or afraid, we will carry out a complex of works and guarantee you a quiet sleep and confident work in the future!


The company "Sheriff" was founded in 2003 and in a few years has grown into a holding company that included the department of "Business protection and detective activities" now. Over the years of work financial crimes, fraud, extortion and theft of information have been disclosed with our help.

We use the latest methods of personnel verification, identify any gaps in the company's security system, constantly improve in exposing fraudulent schemes, protect the business and conduct high-quality investigations. Our detectives are active members of the World Association of Detectives (WAD).

Our work is to provide complete protection of the company from internal and external factors of influence. Our goal is not only to respond quickly to threats, but to prevent all kinds of risks.


If you are in business for a long time, you can be sure that you need a protection. You may simply not know about the threat. Fraud in the business sector has become quite common in Ukraine, so the business protection service is necessary for any entrepreneur.

European companies have been practicing for a long time one of the main methods of protection - the verification of personnel, because employees create the image of the company. Today business includes many aspects so personnel testing - should become one of the main vectors of the business strategy. Using the service of "personnel verification" you are guaranteed to insure yourself against large losses.

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Secure your business from scammers is a top priority for an experienced manager. Technical progress allows to monitor you today, being far enough. How, then, confidential information can be kept confidential?

Detective services are intended specifically for such situations. We will check the room and car for bugs and video cameras, as well as devices transmitting the location. For our detectives will not be difficult to find a person, car or property, collect and verify information, and conduct a private investigation of any complexity. If necessary, we will find out everything about your business partner!

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One of the successful components of your business will be a recognizable (trademark) brand, as well as its proper use. Trademark becomes recognizable and highlights the product or service among competitors. An extremely important aspect for running a successful business is correct registration of TM, because an unregistered trademark can make significant problems to the owner.

We provide a full range of legal services during the registration procedure for TM, conduct negotiations with violators with a full collection of evidence, and provide pre-trial, judicial and administrative protection services.
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